Dr Leung Kam Fung

Dr. Leung Kam Fung

Surgical Specialty

Biographical Notes

1988 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS, University of Hong Kong)
1993 Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FRCS (Edin))
1994 Fellow of College of Surgeons Hong Kong (FCSHK)
2002 Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (General Surgery) (FRCSEd (General Surgery))
Fellow of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine (FHKAM (Surgery)
Specialist in General Surgery
1989-2007 Senior Medical Officer: Tuen Mun Hospital
2008-2011 Consultant Surgeon: King Fahad Specialist Hospital,
Dammam, Saudi Arabia
2011- Present Private Surgeon: Healing Medical Center

Desert Doctor - Dr. Leung Kam Fung

Character Interview Series

People of our age always have three or four doctors’ phone numbers in our mobile phones. Among friends, asking for doctors’ phone numbers on whatsapp is definitely more common than asking for money.

The first one on my list of western doctors is definitely Dr. Leung Kam Fung. Dr. Leung Kam Fung is a hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeon in Hong Kong, but to me, knowing him is like having a network of western doctors in Hong Kong. Because whenever there are any strange and difficult diseases or minor problems among friends, I always think of him and ask him for help.
How much money Hong Kong doctors make is well known, especially surgeons, whose fees range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

But for the sake of his dream, Dr. Leung Kam Fung, who was in his 40s, temporarily left everything in Hong Kong and went to a desert country to be a pioneer for a new hospital. And this dream lasted for four years.

Who says only young people can dream? Who says dreaming is a privilege of young people?

Dr. Leung Kam Fung said that he had been fascinated by the desert since his student days, but he had been working in government hospitals for more than 20 years after graduating from medical school, with a superhuman life of 36 hours on call. Let alone dreaming, he probably didn’t have much time to dream while sleeping.

But every now and then, the image of the vast desert and the mission of turning the desert into rivers would appear in his mind. Finally, he made an important decision in the second half of his life, leaving Hong Kong and heading for the desert.

In middle age, every decision must not be rash, because it will involve your loved ones. Dr. Leung Kam Fung also admitted that when he received the employment notice from the hospital in the desert country, he struggled and was nervous about how to tell his wife. As a result, he took the lead and went first to settle down, then brought his wife and children along.

As a devout Christian, he has always hoped to make preaching the gospel his life’s great mission, especially to go to other countries to preach. This dream began to weave in his student days. To fulfill his dream, he spent three years studying missionary studies, while seeing patients and performing surgery. He went back to the hospital to do rounds after finishing school every night. He lived a busy life that was not human-like. He even accumulated his few remaining holidays and went to Middle Eastern countries to learn Arabic, in order to prepare for his dream.

As a result, during his four years in the desert country, he was able to use Arabic to see patients, make Muslim friends, and during the interview, I watched Dr. Leung Kam Fung excitedly write Arabic in front of us, explaining as he wrote, feeling the fiery fire still burning.

It is hard for middle-aged people to learn a new language, frankly speaking it is even harder for Dr. Leung Kam Fung. Because as a child who didn’t like to talk and was even suspected of having speech problems, he might have been asked to do a language disorder test from today’s perspective. Even now, Dr. Leung Kam Fung is still a taciturn person. His expertise lies in those skillful hands that perform surgery rather than a mouthful of words. Every time I see Dr. Leung Kam Fung, he still blushes when he talks about nervous issues. So being able to use Arabic fluently proves that “where there is a will there is a way”.

After enjoying four years of desert life, he returned to Hong Kong in 2011 and never returned to the public hospital system again. The reason is well known to everyone. Seeing patients waiting for years for one condition is unfair to patients and helpless for doctors.

Now Dr. Leung Kam Fung still has a metal stand on his desk with his name engraved in Arabic. I asked him if he would go back again? He nodded vigorously with a red face.

Dreams are not far from you. God has already put them in your heart long ago.
<Written by To as part of her character interview series>